Who we are

A team that loves to create

The Musicgroups Network was built in late 90's as an answer to monopolistic systems locking out the independent bands and musicians. A complete music system that could be licensed and hosted thousands of bands and musicians for free. Our goal then and today is to build a cooperative network that creates its own echo system for the bands, musicians, fans and industry!

20 years later our goals of a system that rewards artists with real income, sales people with real jobs and fans with tons of new music is getting closer every day!

We are completely re-developed this new site as a live beta test. We need your help and many site managers to build a nation wide audience. The network os over 140 music and art sites that are share technologies and working together like no other music project! Our new systems will have no match on the web because the monopolies can never turn back!

We are doing everything possible to get these new technologies updated to modern standards,  we need your help please spread the word! Get involved and please follow us at TWITTER!

@musicgroupscom - @IndMusicNews - @RockBandsNet - @bandnetnetwork - @Ivocalscom

Let’s work together! Drop us an email to get started!

What we do

20+ years later and we are still here!

We are building a unique cooperative music system and plan to open source it! Our L.A.M.P. developments pre-date myspace and youtube and were evolving for years. So many great music systems fell to time and monopolies. Those projects with thousands of hours can be saved and continued in our network cloud.

Building a new type of web solution from the ground up is no small task. Solid (derived from "social linked data") is a proposed set of conventions and tools for building decentralized social applications, Solid is modular and extensible and it relies on existing W3C standards.  Our plan was to always support the WC3 semantic web and now we are proud to adopt the Solid framework ASAP!

While this is quite complicated it badly needed for a free web that supports it's creators; not the mega monopolies. Our goals are simple, create Win Win Win scenarios for everyone involved! By creating a sustainable ecosystem for everyone in the network.

We can recycle the best of  'lost web developments' that made the WWW great in the first place. Add a blockchain for tracking both music sales, ad sales and commissions - Create seamless one click promotions on thousands of sites and pages instantly. Build income and growth working directly with the vendors and artists. A music network policed by the network for scams and fraudsters, helping renew faith in the web!

• Developing privacy and security into the framework from day one; not as a afterthought!

With only a few dozen business onboard we could build any technology and scale to any size. Everyone gains because of the sustainable nature of our business model cloud apps and shared services. Every aspect will be dedicated specifically for the music business and making sales.

Every band and business that promotes on our site will help to build a network they will co-own!

Yes it's different, Yes it login free, Yes our goal is to pay 70% to artists across the board! 50% to sales people and and make it free/login free for most users! We need sales teams, managers, fans and lots of artists! Wanna see proof? Time to open Pandora's box!!

Check out our network! Get involved today!

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