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Bon Jovi Tickets

Bon Jovi Tickets
When members of the rock band Bon Jovi started out in 1983 in Sayreville, NJ, they likely never realized how much of an influence they would have on music and their fans during their decades in the industry. On January 21, 1984, they released Bon Jovi and have since gone on to sell over 100 million albums across the globe and have received numerous awards and nominations. The band’s appeal spans generations, and fans continue to pack venues to see members Jon Bon Jovi, David Bryan, Phil X, Hugh McDonald and Tico Torres perform popular songs that still bring audiences to their feet.
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction
After 35 years and a previous 2011 nomination, Bon Jovi was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2018. At the event, the current members reunited with former members Alec John Such, who left the band in 1994, and Richie Sambora, who left almost two decades later in 2013. It wasn’t until the Slippery When Wet album was released on August 18, 1986, that the now-former hair band made major strides in gaining worldwide attention with the song “Wanted Dead or Alive.” The songs from that album, “Livin’ on a Prayer” and “You Give Love a Bad Name,” landed on Billboard’s Top Songs of the ’80s chart. Also on the chart were “Bad Medicine,” “I’ll Be There For You” and “Born To Be My Baby,” all of which are from their New Jersey album, which was released on September 19, 1988.


Rammstein Tickets Online

Rammstein is a German band formed in Berlin in 1994 that has since managed to grow to wild international popularity and acclaim. With the release of its 1995 debut album, Herzeleid, the group would come to be labelled the progenitors and originators of the so-called “Neue Deutsche Härte” style of music. German for “New German Hardness,” the term refers to a kind of hard rock or metal music that combines elements of alternative, industrial and groove metal with electro-industrial or techno music and usually features guitars that have been significantly down-tuned to either D or C. The band has enjoyed explosive success as all but one of their studio albums have been certified platinum in Germany, indicating album sales there of 200,000 or more, and all have been certified at least platinum by the IFPI, indicating international sales of 1 million or more. Crucial to the band’s success, especially among non-German speakers, have been elaborate, theatrical, visually stunning and controversial live shows, which have featured everything from pyrotechnics to simulated sex acts.

Convulsic Press Release

Dubstep’s Breakthrough Artist of 2014 – Convulsic

Convulsic’s beats are on par with Skrillex but even then his own intensity and vision show through like the bright star he’s meant to be.


Convulsic’s debut 2012 single, Syndrome, landed him a recording contract and endless airplay on underground and internet radio stations. Convulsic has been featured on several dubstep and EDM blogs — a community he’s already become a pillar to with his unique twist on the dubstep genre.


Convulsic’s newest EP, Love Space, is a musical head trip to space and back. Love Space transcends traditional EDM from it’s soaring heights, deepest bass lows and the lyrical hooks that keep drawing you back into his world.

1st Response

Australian solo artist Andrew Jewell announces 1st Response

1st Response is 24 year old dubstep and EDM solo artist Andrew Jewell. Andrew was born and raised in South Africa, KZN and immigrated to Brisbane, Australia in 2006 where he still resides today.

1st Responce

1st Response has a frenetic sound, fierce and futuristic; heavy bass and wild drums are at the heart of every song. He has been compared to Skrillex, Flume and Skream; of all his influences Chase and Status, Meta, Varien and JoeySuki are the most profound. Andrew’s main goal with 1st Response is to create enjoyable music.

IMN PR – A Third Studio Release Underway..MzMuffin Readying “Shaman”

MzMuffin is an emerging writer, who is working in the studio in preparation for her third release titled, “Shaman” for worldwide distribution in 2013.

World Wide Web January 25, 2013 MzMuffin has been singing all of her life. She got her start in and out of school and church choirs, and music has had a very important place in her life.  MzMuffin is about to release her third collection “Shaman” which is in production for a 2013 release.

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