Open Letter to Music Industry Businesses

We all know far to often the web hangs a right turn on us costing time and money! These site solutions we are developing turn small music web sites into focused machines. The focus is on developing and promoting serious content and entertainment. Our goal is to find the WIN WIN WIN scenario and make it happen!

We’re breaking a lot the of rules and have built these systems for YOU top to bottom! This is your community builder, site builder and career builder. The time to get involved is now! This project is as grass roots as it gets we need your input and help on connecting the systems with your projects goals! The first simple step is to introduce yourself to our growing network of over 100 music sites and please keep it real!! This is a music business built around doing what we love! Music!

What’s included our first PromoPanel™ SPECIAL OFFER!!
We have dedicated 9 spaces on each of our main pages. These connect to targeted pages on the site. For $25 we guarantee 3 months of top page promotion, once completed the banners and articles will remain in system indefinitely. We are offering Long term promotion for $25 and yes these pages can be edited!

Our own digital download solution is almost ready and we have a number of technologies being redeveloped. Every promotion sold helps us get the new systems up faster! Everyone that comes into one of the packages will be considered a contributor and will be listed on the contribution page!