Real Hip Hop With “Avengeance”

Real Hip Hop With “Avengeance”
By Cristy Lenz
Thu March 12, 2013

Real Hip Hop With "Avengeance"

For many fans of true hiphop having the opportunity to discover an artist the caliber of RAADDRR VAN is akin to the experience of receiving a Christmas present in the July.

That’s because Raaddrr Van embodies many qualities that a true emcee should possess. Great lyrical skill, excellent flow, pinpoint timing & delivery, intelligent content all encased within a powerful charismatic personality.

IMN PR – A Third Studio Release Underway..MzMuffin Readying “Shaman”

MzMuffin is an emerging writer, who is working in the studio in preparation for her third release titled, “Shaman” for worldwide distribution in 2013.

World Wide Web January 25, 2013 MzMuffin has been singing all of her life. She got her start in and out of school and church choirs, and music has had a very important place in her life.  MzMuffin is about to release her third collection “Shaman” which is in production for a 2013 release.


The group was formed early 2005 after a group of friends stumbled upon their mutual love for music. While in college and focusing on individual career goals, the trio’s plans were re-directed after receiving confirmation that music was the will of God for their lives. Unaware of the future and knowing the sacrifices that lied ahead, Minor Prophets pushed pause on their personal goals and became adamant about preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ through music.

Mz Muffin Music

MzMuffin: The album “Shaman” will be out to the end of 2013. Contact MzMuffin through her reps on YouTube channel to book performance for your concert or event.
Immuffuliciousness – just be YOU.

Find MzMuffin at!
eMusic –
MySpace –

Vin – MzMuffin 2012 with lyrics ( from the album Immuffulation)

Find Immuffulation on iTunes

Words2Speak – Prolog

Brooklyn, New York – December 12, 2012 – New talent stands it’s ground, holding down it’s corner protecting his turf, in a reality over saturated powered by perceived popular culture and conglomerate interest….the almighty dollar, churning out fact similes, carbon copies devoid of individuality, originality…. Here comes the veteran new comer Prolog….

Johnnie Newkirk

‘Had To Do What I Had To Do’ Single Released From Johnnie Newkirk

Johnnie Newkirk’s ‘Had To Do What I Had To Do’ Single Released From Basic Love XP

Johnnie Newkirk Jr

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Besides being eclectic and true to himself, music artist Johnnie Newkirk does what he has to do. Being born musical and talented, a man has no choice but to succumb to prominence.

From Brooklyn, New York, Johnnie Newkirk grew up amongst an urban landscape filled with creative people. No wonder it rubbed off on him. In school, he was a choirboy and then as he got older, he started jamming with other musically-inclined friends and eventually, formed a group ‘The Components of Sound’ in the 70’s. He learned lessons, he paid his dues, and now he knows what he wants to really do.


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Bobble Headz Biography
Bobbleheadz consists of Big Tats, Chi Baby, and Scott Snares. Their self titled first album is something truly unique, rich with each individuals style and stories. Minnesota natives, their music is an eclectic blend of hard hitting instrumentals and thought provoking, insightful lyrics. They have an uncanny ability to inject realism, fun, and humor into each project and task they take on. Although new to the music scene as the Bobbleheadz group, each individual has years of experience in the music industry. Bobbleheadz came together in late 2010, and have quickly formed a chemistry that is a force to be reckoned with. Each member writes and produces their own material, and as a collective are pushing the boundaries of their music as far as they can. They are currently finishing a new mix tape titled Savvy Boyz, which should be complete for the streets by April 2012.
Bob your headz…BobbleHeadz.


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Darrin Nupuf


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Featuring: Ronnie Montrose Signatures Album Review and Awards: Kevin Crider brings in an all star group of singers, guitarist, and musicians to collaborate on this extraordinary album, “Signatures” The music ranges from rock instrumentals to down home blues, to killer progressive rock tunes that just melt your ears. The all star line up includes the likes of Pat Travers, Brad Gillis, Rick Derringer, Clarence Clemons, Steve Morse, Ronnie Montrose, Jeff Watson, Craig Chaquico, Mickey Thomas, Lydia Pense, Tom Coster, Norton Buffalo, Davey Pattison along with several other great artists and musicians.

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