The Musicgroups Network was created in the late 90's as an answer to monopolistic music systems locking out the independent bands and musicians.

Musicians and artists should have control over their own material and fate. We developed a complete online music platform that could be licensed by other sites and eventually host thousands of bands and musicians offering weeks of free music in a free Internet jukebox. Our system was made to promote artists and protected their music. Our goal is to help musicians and artists earn a living through a cooperative network and Ecosystem for bands, musicians, clubs, fans and the music industry!

We delivered, the first license to rock.com and were eventually shut down from a complete lack of concern for indie's. That was 2003, it took a lot out of the project. The systems were rebuilt and all of the music and artists were moved to IndieMusicCorner.com and ran it for many years. Financially it was very hard, and currently the music system awaits our core foundation rebuild that's been in-progress for many years. Our set backs include hackers, broken web servers, and a complete lack of funding to support a team.

20 years later our goals to build a system that rewards artists with real income, sales people with real jobs, and fans with tons of new music is getting closer! We currently are focusing efforts on working with PR AGENCIES and A&R and LABELS to promote bands across the Internet, to give Indy bands the power back. Sadly Google, Facebook, Apple and Yahoo have dominated the markets. We have given them complete power over our content. It's time to take that power back.

Our network goals are specifically to create a login free, tracking free environment that promotes content and artists across the Internet, gathering them together in a sustainable ecosystem where their combined networking power gives them real freedom. We need help, ideas and a team to make this happen!!

Our new systems will have no match on the web. The monopolies will never give up the money they make off of you unless we stop them together!! They make money by selling your info and music and by forcing you to pay money to boost to your own content to your own audience. WTF??

We just want a majority of the billions they pocket to go directly to our content creators, artists and sales people, not wealthy investors and shareholders!! We are doing everything possible to get these new technologies updated to modern standards but we need your help please spread the word today!

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20+ years later and we're still here! We've outlasted hundreds of multi million dollar projects!

Our team has gone up and down like a roller coaster, but we are still alive and building the dream! We are building a unique cooperative music system and our plan is to open source it! Our L.A.M.P. developments pre-date Google, Amazon, Myspace and Youtube. We are the OG of artist social media platforms. So many great music systems fell to the monopolies and the label buyouts, but here we are still fighting back! All input has been saved and lives on in our cloud network, that's what is unique. Think of a suite of dedicated tools like google apps that are built into your site seamless, while expanding across a network of hundreds or thousands of other sites, 100% dedicated to helping promote artists.

Our initiative, derived from "social linked data", is a proposed set of conventions and tools for building decentralized social applications. 'Solid' is modular and scalable offer that relies on existing W3C standards. While this is quite complicated, it's badly needed for a free web that supports it's creators, not the mega monopolies. Our goals are simple, create Win-Win-Win scenarios for everyone involved! By creating a sustainable ecosystem for everyone, we can recycle the best of  'lost web developments' that made the Internet great in the first place. Add a blockchain for tracking music sales, ad sales and commissions and create seamless one click promotions on thousands of sites and pages instantly, and you have an artist friendly promotional ecosystem. Build income and growth working directly with the vendors and artists.

A music network policed by the network for scams and fraudsters, helping renew faith in the web!

  • Develop privacy and security in the framework from day one; not as an afterthought!
  • With only a few dozen businesses onboard, we can build any technology and scale to any size.
  • All win because of the sustainable nature of our business model using cloud apps and shared services.
  • Every aspect will be dedicated specifically to the music business, generating sales.
  • Every band and business that promotes on our site will help build a network they will co-own!

Yes it's different. Yes it login free. Yes our goal is to pay 80+% to artists across the board and 50% to sales people!

We need sales teams, managers, fans and lots of artists! Wanna see proof? Time to open Pandora's box!!

Get involved let us know your out there and please follow us at TWITTER!
@musicgroupscom - @IndMusicNews - @RockBandsNet - @bandnetnetwork - @Ivocalscom
Let’s work together! Drop us an email to get started or better yet a real phone call!!! 818 718 0406


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