To All Bands!
( and the entire network is being rebuilt after years on hold eta: June 2012)
It has always been free to add your info to and the MG Network of over 140 sites. You may sell your music directly and link in all your sites social networks and show dates. It’s free an unique system for promotion and music sales. The promotional hubs were developing are part of a new system being built that combines a yellow pages and Google type search system and makes it ‘music only’ and completely interactive. Just a couple clicks to find your favorite band, and we had that working in 2001!

We’re breaking a lot the of rules and have built this for you! This is your community so get involved today! This is as grass roots as it gets, Your a happening band, you need to be on hundreds of sites and services. Too busy making music and touring our systems help to add your info to hundreds of sites and social networks. We do need your input and help to make this the best system on the web!

The first step is signing-up and adding your info to our growing network.

Our own digital download solution is almost ready and we are prepared to offer bands 70% of all sales through this system. At the same time your able to link in all the other sites that sell your music and CD’s, this way the fans has as many options as possible.

What’s included in the all new PromoPanel™ free site solution.

• All future upgrades!
• Free listing in the MG Directory
• Promote your band in our Streaming MG Jukebox found on hundreds of sites.
• Add detailed info about your band, albums, and tours directly to our search engine and knowledge base.
• Link in all your sites, friends sites, and places that sell your music, add show dates and links
• Add your music, pictures, and video clips to our web based media player.

Upgrade Options:

• Musicgroups PromoPanel™ Advanced upgrade package $60.00 per year – $5 monthly
• Upgrade to full for $15.00 per year -more info here-
• Hosting packages for custom band sites – starting at $30.00 per year for low bandwidth
• Hosting package for large-scale music sites – see our MG Network and Standalone offers,
• MG Casting services for DJ’s and Radio stations.. Podcasts – Shoutcasts
• Sell products in our Network Store

Future Plans:

• Full digital download solution with in our uniqu Jukebox and radio shows.
• OnesiteSignup™ multi-site sign up solution
• Your logo and Icons added to Jukebox and Directory
• A Band Fan and Musician matching system, like no other.

These are the plans we set in action way back in 2000 Its looking like 2012 is the year we hit the map!!
While it been a long hard road trip, We were 10 years ahead of the curve then and still clearly see the future of social networks now. with your help web 3.0 can be here this year!