Some more festivals

To all Music Festivals and Festival Personnel!

This is completely new system being introduced in the next few months!
It is free to add your info to in the Industry Section. Soon the Festival section will be available and tuned to the needs of a Festival staff. As this is still in development, any ideas and input are welcome. Post your ideas here.

It is free to add your info to and the MG Network. You may sell your products directly and link in all your sites and activities. It’s free and currently log-in free to add show dates to the Calendar, and participate in the Public Forums.
These promotional hubs are part of a system being built that combines a yellow pages and Google type search system, with a Yahoo/AOL community and makes it music only and completely interactive.

We’re breaking a lot the of rules and have built this for you! This is your community so get involved today!

This is as grass roots as it gets, we need your input and help top make this an even better system. The first step is Signing-Up and adding your info to the growing network of over 100 music sites.

Our own digital download solution is ready and we’re prepared to offer musicians 70% of all sales through this new system. You may also link in all the other sites that sell your music and CD’s, this way the person has as many options as possible.

What’s included in the PromoPanel™ free sites.

• All future upgrades!
• Free listing in the Global MG Directory
• Promote yourself in our Streaming MG Jukebox found on hundreds of sites.
• Add detailed info about yourself, albums, instruments and shows directly to our search engine and knowledge base.
• Link in all your sites, friends sites, and places that sell your music, show date links
• Add three songs, ten pictures, one video clip to our web based media player.

Upgrade Options:

• Musicgroups PromoPanel™ Advanced upgrade package $60.00 per year – $5 monthly
• Upgrade to full for $15.00 per year -more info here-
• Hosting packages for custom band sites – starting at $35.00 per year for low bandwidth
• Hosting package for large-scale music sites – see our MG Network and Standalone offers,
• MG Casting services for DJ’s and Radio stations.. Podcasts – Shoutcasts
• Sell products in our Network Store

Future Plans:

• Full digital download solution
• OnsiteSignup™ multi-site sign up solution
• Icon links for the Jukebox and Directory, allows users to buy in one click.
• Band and Musician matching system, like no other.